A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is required when you would like to acquire an SSL certificate that will encode all of the payment and login information that will be exchanged between your site and its clients. The CSR contains info about the site as well as its owner in Base64-encoded form - web address, physical address plus email, company name and unit, etc. Based on this code, a licensed SSL vendor gives you the certificate, that is digitally signed with the vendor's private key so as to recognize that they're a trusted issuer. Throughout the CSR generation, a unique private key is also created and the set up of the SSL involves all 4 codes - both the keys, the certificate as well as the CSR. Next, you'll be able to use a URL starting with https:// for your site rather than http:// and your website visitors will be able to view the information that you have provided for the CSR via their Internet browsers.

SSL Certificate Generator in Web Hosting

In case you host a website in a web hosting with our company and you need to get an SSL certificate for it, you're able to do that with just a couple of clicks within your Hepsia Control Panel. With our intuitive SSL order wizard, you'll be able to enter and review the contact information that you want to be used for your certificate after which select the auto-configuration attribute that we have released so that we can make things even easier - as soon as you accept the SSL request by clicking on the link that you will receive through e-mail after you send the order, our system will install everything for you, so you will not have to do anything manually at any moment. If you wish to acquire your certificate somewhere else, you can use our CSR generation tool and upload the Request code to an alternative vendor. A private key connected to the CSR will also be generated and available in the very same section of your account.

SSL Certificate Generator in Semi-dedicated Servers

You're able to generate a new Certificate Signing Request and a Private Key for any website that you host inside a semi-dedicated server account on our end by using the SSL generator tool that's available in the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. You just need to type in the SSL contact and administrative details then the two codes will be created and available in your account at all times even if you do not save them right away. As we offer SSL certificates, you will be able to acquire one from us and during the CSR generation you could use the auto-configuration option that we offer, and then proceed with the order. Thus, you won't have to deal with anything else afterwards because our system will install the SSL for you once it is issued. To use an alternative certificate supplier, you should save the CSR and provide it to them, and then install the SSL that they will give you. Our technical support crew will be available 24/7 if you have any difficulties with this.